United Cash Register

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“Using a consultant could save you money and increase your profit!”

I came out of retirement to start a new division for United Cash Register and Computer Company. We know the business, we know the competition and we know how to save you money upfront and down the road.

Technology has been changing at a rapid rate with video security. This new technology can be used in many different ways to help you manage your business.

This new division will handle consulting for POS / CASH REGISTERS and VIDEO SECURITY SYSTEMS to help you get the best quality at a very reasonable price.

We are expanding our service network to cover more states. Many cash register dealers have gone out of business or are very small and can’t handle service in the area that they serviced in the past.

Give us a call at 708-780-1200 or email me directly at talpaiunited@att.net to see if we can help you.

71 Wells Street
Fox Lake, Illinois 60020

Tom Talpai, President

We will try to get you the best quality at the lowest prices and keep you informed on
changes in the Cash Register / POS and Video Security industry.

(708) 780-1200